Wolf Runner – The Magic Wolf in the Forest

The forest is your new home with Wolfy! 🐺

Explore, jump, escape fires🔥 and dodge rocks🪨 through an ever-changing infinite forest inhabited by magical beasts. Play alone or against your friends and see who can achieve the highest score.  ðŸ”

Share your score in the comments!! 💯


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I think to make this better, you make it that when you move left and right it's less jerky

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This is so, so good! My high score (not trying THAT hard, so don't think I'm just really bad at the game) is 455.

Excellent score! Any suggestions for the game?

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Maybe the wolf animation at the start (the one next to the Start button) could move a bit slower. It keeps looking around and digging really fast so it looks jerky. Edit: Also, new high score: 890. Yay!

Wolf, wolf, wolf!!!!!!!!!!


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